Best PC Gaming Accessories for 2022

So you’ve gone and got yourself a sweet new Stormforce Gaming PC but your friends still manage to hit that snipe quicker than you? Yes, it’s true that more frames can provide a competitive edge in a lot games but there’s a lot to be said about the advantages (or disadvantages) that your gaming peripherals can provide.

Here at Stormforce, we are in the fortunate position where we can work closely with 2 massive brands in the Gaming industry. Our Stormforce PC’s are Powered By Asus and include the latest and greatest hardware the industry has to offer. Not only that, Asus collaborate with Stormforce to offer the very best peripherals to accompany your PC. Our parent company, VIP Computers, are the biggest distributor of Razer products in the UK allowing us quick access to the latest peripherals to offer additional flair to your rig.

In this article we will look at each key accessory and the aspects to look out for while shopping around as well as making a few suggestions based on our ASUS and Razer range in the following categories:


Our next blog will look at the stunning range of ASUS monitors we have to offer as well as our new Razer Gaming Chairs – Stay tuned


"When buying a Gaming Headset there are a number of features to look out for. If you spend a long time gaming, then comfort is a necessity. You should look for a non-intrusive design that you feel is the right fit for your head. While comfort may be a personal preference, I do suggest looking for headsets that advertise a lightweight design with hybrid-leather ear cushions. Some of the other aspects you should look out for is a built in microphone with noise-cancellation for optimal clarity and durability aspects such as a design with high-quality materials. When it comes to sound quality, don't take design over functionality. High quality sound is an important factor for gaming. Being able to pickup on in-game audio can provide great benefits such as hearing an enemy's footsteps approaching or even just to provide optimal immersion during a single player session."


"If you are passionate about PC Gaming, a high quality headset is a no-brainer. It provides great benefit in competitive environments and the aspects we touched on here will help you find the perfect headset for you."

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Our Top 5 Recommended Headsets:

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"Similar to headsets, keyboards largely come down to personal preference, however, those preferences are usually quite varied with a number of specifications taking center stage. Some of the more common specs to look out for are connectivity, size and switch-type. These aspects usually give the user an idea of how the keyboard will act and feel."


"Connectivity is a big factor when it comes to keyboards. The majority of users will prefer a wired connection due to the guarantee of excellent response times and minimal latency but for a minimalistic set-up or couch gaming, some users prefer wireless connectivity. There are a number of high quality wireless keyboards on the market right now that offer excellent response times, leaving little to no sacrifice when choosing wireless over wired."


"The size of your keyboard is entirely personal preference and is usually dictated by your system use and comfort factor. Full size keyboards (or 100% keyboards) are the standard size that most people will recognize. They are equipped with your standard set of function keys, a QWERTY layout of lettered keys, a cluster of home keys and dedicated arrow keys. This size keyboard is common in an office environment and is ideal for your day to day data entry."

"A gamer who only wants to use their keyboard to benefit their gaming will look at downsizing."

Smaller keyboards come in the following sizes


Same as a standard keyboard excluding the number pad


Same as the 80% but the keys are clustered for a more compact form factor


Goes a step further by removing the functions keys and, in some designs, the home cluster


Popular among gamers but are usually not ideal for anything else. These boards remove everything that the above keyboards remove, as well as the arrow keys


Goes a step further than the 60% and removes the top row of number keys and any non-lettered keys

Switch Type

"Once more, your choice of switch type is a personal preference. You could have two of the same keyboard with different switches and they would feel completely different. When it comes to Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, there are three primary types to consider: Linear, Tactile and Clicky."

"These keys will often advertise Actuation Distance and Actuation Force. These are in reference to the switch's Actuation Point (this is the point at which the press of the key is registered with your system). The distance is measured in mm and refers to how much the key goes down before it's registered and the force is measured in cN and refers to how hard the key needs to be pressed before it begins to activate."

"You will come across many branded switches with colours in their title. These naming conventions are due to the switch's stem colour, which usually offers a variation in it's characteristics"



Near silent switches, with minimal feedback upon keystroke. The ideal blend for gamers acclimated to an office environment.


Switches that provide a tactical bump upon pressing a key. This kinetic response lets you know the key press was registered.


Much like a tactile switch but emits an audible click when reaching the actuation point, which may provide advantages during gameplay.

Popular Branded Switch Stems


Linear switch, 2mm actuation distance, 45cN actuation force.

rog rx red

Linear switch, 1.5mm actuation distance, 39cN actuation force.

mx cherry brown

Tactile switch, 2mm actuation distance, 55cN actuation force.

razer green

Clicky switch, 1.9mm actuation distance, 49cN actuation force.


"It is important to consider the purpose of your rig when choosing the right keyboard. If you are a gamer and will solely be gaming on your system then go for a smaller keyboard. If you have multiple uses for your system such as school projects or remoting into work then you will want to stick with a traditional size keyboard. If you're somewhere in between, choose wisely as you don't want to sacrifice keys you may need. Style is all well and good but functionality is the key to the perfect gaming keyboard. The switch will be entirely your choice. If you are used to a standard office keyboard then you're used to a linear switch. For a gaming keyboard, I highly recommend Clicky or Linear, they will take a little getting used to but once you get the feel for it, you will begin to benefit from the response times."

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Our Top 5 Recommended Keyboards:


"It is difficult for anyone to pick a single gaming mouse and call it the best on the market because, when it comes down to it, a lot depends on the type of game you play. You must ask yourself what advantages you want to gain while playing. For example, a lightweight mouse is ideal for first person shooters due to the speed and frequency of movement, whereas a mouse with a lot of buttons may be typically used by an MMO player due to the ability to remap a lot of controls for quick access on the mouse."

"This is just an example. There are a lot of features to evaluate before making your decision but ultimately, you want to weigh up your options and take your games into account before purchasing."


Wired vs Wireless

As with gaming keyboards, a wireless mouse can throw up some issues that you normally wouldn’t have to consider when buying it’s wired variant. Things like input lag or latency are thrown into the equation and then it comes down to how much of a competitive edge you actually want because nothing eradicates input lag like a wired connection. There are small benefits to a wireless set up such as a clutter-free gaming space with no cables and the charging times of modern wireless mice are efficient enough to work around your gaming hours.



The higher a mouse’s DPI, the less physical movement it takes to get the cursor to move. The lower the DPI, the more movement it takes.

You will likely see gaming mice advertised with somewhere between 10,000 – 20,000DPI. The higher DPI may not suit your style though. This shouldn’t be an issue because most modern gaming mice allow you to adjust your DPI and sensitivity settings.



You want to consider the ergonomics of your Gaming Mouse. Gaming Mice come in all shapes, sizes and weights. You could have the optimal DPI and the perfect number of buttons but if it doesn’t feel right in your hand, you may struggle to adapt to it.


"So once again, a lot depends on preference. The choices we've made below offer a good variety. Take a look at each and see if it fits your gaming style. Will it be light enough to hit that snipe? Or is there enough buttons to remap those controls in your favourite MMO?"

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Our Top 5 Recommended Mice:

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"Gaming surfaces tend to provide better control over your mouse and improve the tracking for optimal control over your games. Most modern gaming surfaces are made from cloth or plastic and have a rubber, anti-slip base. They may seem like a simple concept but there are actually some important aspects to take into account before buying."


soft mouse pads

Soft surfaces are usually made from cloth and can feature a spongy base. This provides a level of comfort for the user’s wrist which makes them quite a popular choice. That and the fact that they can be folded or rolled makes them a good choice for those who may game on the road via a laptop or other similar scenarios. When compared to hard mouse pads, the soft variant offers better protection for your mouse feet with less wear and tear on the underneath of the device. 

HARD mouse pads

Hard surfaces are usually made from plastics and in some cases, metal. They offer great durability and offer a smooth experience when it comes to moving your mouse around. The downside is comfort. Because of the lack of cushioning you may find longer gaming sessions to be harder on your wrist due to the lack of protection. 


Size and thickness

A lot of gamers prefer a large gaming surface because it tends to cater for a range of grip styles and movement but it does depend on your preferred DPI. If you tend to play on a lower DPI and need to move your mouse further, a large + gaming surface is probably the way to go but that does of course depend on the space you have to play with in regards to your PC desk/setup. 

One other aspect is to consider is the thickness of the surface. This can range from 2mm-5mm. This usually affects the sponginess of the surface and how well it contours to the desk or surface it is placed on. If there are a lot of inconstancies on your desk, you may want to opt for a thicker surface. Keep an eye on the finish around the edges of the mat too. A design without a well stitched border may result in frayed edges over time. 

Our Top 5 Recommended Gaming Surfaces:


"You can go really crazy when it comes to gaming surfaces by looking at RGB lighting, wireless charging etc... but in it's simplest form, the above aspects will help you pick the right surface for your setup. At the end of the day, the product is there to aid you and doesn't necessarily have to look like the best surface in the world. That's not to say you can't have style as well as functionality."

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