Prism GTX1080 Ti SLI (Intel i9-7900X)

Processor: Intel Core i9-7900X
Memory: 32GB DDR4 RAM
Storage: 4TB, 512GB
Graphics: GTX 1080 Ti SLI graphics
OS: Windows 10 Home

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Built from the ground up to perform, Stormforce proudly introduces the “Prism i9 7900X GTX 1080Ti SLI”. Armed to the teeth and packing heat, this is serious business re-defined. Equipped with an Intel Core i9 7900X running at 4.30GHz, sporting 10 cores to obliterate any task at hand. Paired with 32GB of 3000MHz RGB DDR4 memory, the “Prism i9 7900X GTX 1080Ti SLI” will decimate your idea of speed.

Storage is handled with a 512GB NVMe M2 SSD & a chunky 4TB HDD, lending itself to huge file storage and relentlessly speedy file transfer & boot times. Whether it is gaming or work the “Prism i9 7900X GTX 1080Ti SLI” will cater for you at all times.

Strapping a huge graphical turbo to the “Prism i9 7900X GTX 1080Ti SLI” is a pair of NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti 11GB cards, configured in SLI. 4K Melting framerates await with no modern titles that can stand up to the pure, unfiltered capability of the “Prism i9 7900X GTX 1080Ti SLI”. Games such as Far Cry 5, PUBG, GTA V & Assassins Creed: Origins run buttery smooth.

The strapping Cooler Master C700P Chassis provides a safe harbour from the outside world for the “Prism i9 7900X GTX 1080Ti SLI”. A cavernous interior allows ample chilled air to be pumped into the chassis to keep the beast within cool & quiet. Water-cooling is standard with an expansive 240mm radiators dissipating the CPU heat with ease.

Finished off with fully customable RGB lighting for the motherboard, case & cooler fans is manageable via the preinstalled Aura Sync software, making the “Prism i9 7900X GTX 1080Ti SLI” yours to visually command perfectly.

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