Stormforce Pro Ryzen 5950X 3D Design Workstation


  • Extreme performance Ryzen 9 CPU
  • Large capacity storage and memory
  • NVIDIA Quadro A5000 Pro graphics
  • Designed for intensive 3D creativity


  • AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • Nvidia Quadro A5000 24GB
  • 128GB


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Stormforce Pro Ryzen 5950X 3D Design Workstation

Optimised for this type of software

The Stormforce Pro Ryzen 9 5950X 3D Modelling workstation is optimised for 3D design software and features a powerful AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU with 16 cores and 32 threads. Plus, this workstation includes the powerful 24GB NVIDIA RTX A5000 graphics cards for fast rendering. The included 64GB of RAM, 1TB SSD and 2TB HDD are connected to a high-quality ASUS TUF X570 Plus motherboard.

Our specialist workstations provide ample storage space using fast solid state drive technology for responsive application performance and reliable hard drives for mass data storage and scratch drive usage.

Get a FREE Upgrade to Windows 11 (when available, see below).
Upgrade rollout plan is being finalised and is scheduled to begin in late 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware, see

Get a FREE Upgrade to Windows 11 (when available, see below).
Upgrade rollout plan is being finalised and is scheduled to begin in late 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware, see

Workstation Specification

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Stormforce 3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

All Stormforce PCs are covered by our unrivalled 3 Year Collect and Return Warranty.
In other words, if your system encounters a fault within this period, we will collect, restore, and return your PC back to you in full working order leaving you to what you do best – conquering virtual worlds.
Stormforce is manufactured and supported in the UK and has built its reputation on delivering excellent quality, service and support.

Windows 10 PRO PC

Windows 10 Pro

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Tyler Gilbert
Tyler Gilbert
18. October, 2021.
Bad quality, Cheap parts, and Lies mum bought me a pc from them for Christmas as a starter. at first, i thought it was good, but then i opened it up and i got very angry. It was put together badly, which is an immediate red flag, and realized they put the cheapest parts in possible. Also, they LIE about the specs. They told me i have a 512gb SSD, and a 2tb hard drive. I realized my pc was running slow, so i checked inside and found out that i DONT have an SSD, and i checked the website, and it still said it, until they removed it a few days ago. This is absolutely outrageous and it really angered me, because i had to spend a lot of money putting stuff that should have already been in there. Disappointed, wont buy from here again.
Adam Childs
Adam Childs
17. October, 2021.
Amazing Product Recently bought my first PC from these guys and so far its been amazing was easy to setup right out of the box and has been perfect from the get go.
16. October, 2021.
hey there storm force I've had history with other companies and I saw you guys let us make our own pc on the website so do you build it for us and send it prebuilt ready out the box.
Sunshine X
Sunshine X
15. October, 2021.
Amazingly fast delivery and performance. Amazingly fast delivery and amazing great budget pc. Not to mention looks BEAUTIFUL. Very glad i trusted storm force.
9. October, 2021.
Beautiful design and a great gaming experience
6. October, 2021.
New Prism RTX3070/Ryzen 7-5800x, but something is wrong with it. Ordered a Prism RTX3070 / Ryzen 7-5800x PC on 30/09/21. Recieved a phone call the following day asking saying they would put the new Windows 11 on it - but I said I'd rather keep with W10 for now. Which they agreed to. Good service there. Arrived six days later (with W10), but it is NOT working correctly. I have been running for only six hours as I write and it already has locked solid four times whenever any kind of even remotely moderate/heavy HD usages takes place. Three times it has crashed while install games from Steam. Twice in one game. And once whilst copying a large directory from an external HD to this new internal SSD. File Explorer stops working, if I have any other work going on such as on Word, I am unable to save - or I get a corrupt save. It won't even shut down via the usual Windows Shut Down/Restart option. I have to force reboot with the power button on the case. IMO it's the internal SSD that is faulty, as so far it has only crashed when that's under use (and being written to). I tried calling the support phone number earlier but no-one answered after over 10 minutes of ringing tone! PS/ Their website says they are currently having phone problems. So, ok then! ------------------------------- Customer services got back to me next day at 9am. Agreed it seemed like a faulty SSD. Offered to build a new same spec system and deliver next week. That's good service indeed! That second system arrived with the GPU dislodged and broken completely! This was not Stormforce's fault however, this appears to have been down to the delivery service itself. So onto system three...... exactly the same problems as the first. Now, Stormforce's customer care has been second to none. I don't believe I have ever had any company go so many extra miles to help solve the problem. But the issue is still refusing to be fixed. It still crashes when ever attempting write/install operations. This includes it also continuing to do so when installing on a complimentary 1Tb HDD I received the other day! This suggests the SDD is not at fault after all? Everyone is mystified as to the cause, all tests of identical systems done at Stormforce have resulted in no similar issues AFIAK! My system(s) have encountered this problem at least 30 times so far while trying to solve the issue. Nothing's worked, it's not the AV, power/sleep settings, internet connection, platform that's being downloaded from, external peripherals. One question has arisen in my mind. "Is the 650W PSU too weak?" I assume the 650 in "Corsair CV650" means 650W. I would not have thought Stormforce would design their systems with insufficiently rated PSUs though! However across the internet when I read stuff from people who build their own systems, they never mention anything less than 750W. I also believe Nvidia themselves suggest at LEAST 750W for their 30-series cards. Mine is an RTX3070. Then again a "PSU calculator" I tried suggested 650W would be just about enough for the system specs. The title may still quote 2-stars, but Stormforce's customer care and dedication is more like SIX stars, ten even!
29. September, 2021.
The PC I bought is brilliant it's the best gaming experience I have ever had and the system came next day as the website said it would, really pleased with my system.
sheila Pickering
sheila Pickering
21. September, 2021.
Extravagantly perfect Absolutely brilliant bought for my grandson 18 th great easy set up worth every penny to see his face loves it great for gaming on steam
Koalasaurus _
Koalasaurus _
10. September, 2021.
The best PC I could ever ask for Awesome PC. The pc that I received is a beast and does the job of running 240FPS in any game on high settings consistently, I am extremely impressed with this upgrade thanks to Stormforce Gaming.
8. September, 2021.
Great PC to have It is one of the best PCs I have seen it's so smooth and really is a big change and a massive help to my gaming