Stormforce Forge AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 16GB Prime Upgrade Bundle

Product Number: 3001-0029


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  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 7
  • RAM : 16GB

Stormforce Gaming Forge Bundles are perfect for gamers looking for powerful upgrades to their existing gaming hardware.

Each Stormforce Gaming Forge Bundle presents a great value option at each price point for gamers looking to update their motherboard, CPU and memory configuration to a higher performance solution.


Every Forge Bundle is pre configured by expert technical staff to ensure compatibility and full functionality. We test every bundle to the same exacting standards as our full gaming system range.

When ordering a Forge Bundle from Stormforce Gaming, your configuration is assembled in house, the motherboard BIOS is updated and the BIOS then configured to ensure smooth installation and a high performance gaming experience.


Assembling a gaming system can be difficult with different chipset and memory configurations to choose from. The Stormforce Gaming Forge bundle range uses Asus motherboards suitable for the level of processing power you need.

Every motherboard we choose for our Forge bundle is tried and tested in the Stormforce Gaming full system range already and only the most reliable boards make it into the Forge bundle range.


We pair all of our Forge Bundle options with Corsair Vengeance performance gaming memory. Built for high performance, our Corsair memory features sleek black low profile heatspreders for maximum cooler compatibility as well as superb heat dissipation and aesthetics.

All Corsair Vengeance memory carries Intel XMP and AMD Ryzen certifications to ensure compatibility and reliability.


This Bundle does not ship with a CPU cooler leaving you free to select a cooler that suits your needs. 

Stormforce Gaming recommend an AMD Socket AM4 compatible CPU cooler appropriate for your system cooling requirements 

If you require assistance in validating compatibility of your cooler or other bundle components then please contact our customer service team

Additional information

Warranty Information


System Memory


Motherboard Interfaces

Expansion Slots


Our Stormforce Systems 3 year warranty covers repair or replacement of parts, including labour for a full 3 years for the UK only, excluding EIRE, NI and Channel Islands.


If for any reason you are experiencing a problem with your system, please contact us on 01925 287 008 to speak to one of our expert advisers.

Our repair process works like this: we will log the fault with our support team, who will run through diagnostics - hopefully, this does the trick and you’re back up and running!

*Your warranty only covers hardware issues, not software

**If you are outside of your warranty period, we will provide a quote via email for repair. If you wish to process, payment can be made via a quick call. If you choose not to process - no problem, we’ll return your PC free of charge.


*Unit must be returned within 28 days of purchase.

If you would like to return your unit and have purchased directly through Stormforce please contact us and we will collect the unit and give you a refund within 14 days.

If you purchased your system through one of our resellers you will need to contact them directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly connect my monitor?

Make sure you are connecting your monitor into one of the graphics cards video connectors ports and not using the standard video ports from the motherboard.

Also please note, there maybe a plastic cap placed over the video outputs on the graphics card, you may need to remove the relevant cap to connect your monitor.

The following diagram shows how to connect your monitor:

Graphics Card Correct Connection

How do I connect a Wi-Fi antenna?

Use the following screw guide to properly connect the Wi-Fi antenna.

If you are having issues connecting to Wi-Fi, please make sure that the two Wi-Fi antennas are screwed into the back of the PC.

wifi antenna

I'm struggling to connect to Wi-Fi... How to download the latest Wi-Fi Drivers

A possible issue can be the driver, we have found that sometimes the wrong driver is installed by Windows.  It reports the card as working but when connecting it either does not connect or drops the connection during use.

The driver update can be downloaded from:

This downloads as a ZIP file so will need to be extracted.  To perform this right click on the file and click on Extract All, this should then bring up a wizard with “Show extracted file when complete” ticked automatically (if not, please tick this).  Follow the wizard through and when complete you should be presented a series of files, run the Setup application and follow the prompts.

Once this has installed please follow the below which resets your network settings.

Click on Start

Select Settings

Select Network & Internet

Select Network Reset

Select Reset now

If after performing the above you continue to have issues with the wireless please contact us.

Wireless Problems that continue

Systems equipped with a 300Mbps/2.4GHz WiFi card may experience connectivity issues with dual band routers provided by Internet Service Providers.
ISP supplied routers from BT, Plusnet, Virgin and SKY have both 5GHz and 2.4GHz channels enabled automatically.
They will usually have the bands combined by default which can cause connectivity issues.

If your WiFi network shows up as one SSID and not a seperated 2.4GHz and 5GHz channel, it may need to be separated in order to connect a 300Mbps WiFi card reliably.

Please refer to your specific internet router’s documentation on information on how to ‘separate WiFi bands’.

Once you have split the bands on your router, connect to the 2.4GHz WiFi band.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues after this, please follow our guide on how to update your WiFi drivers.

This guidance does not apply to Stormforce Gaming systems featuring high performance 5GHz or WiFi 6 network adapters.

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