Onyx RX Vega 11 (Ryzen 5 3400G)

Product Number: 7290-5565
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  • CPU : AMD Ryzen 5
  • Processor Icon : AMD Ryzen 5
  • Graphics : VEGA 11 APU
  • RAM : 8GB

Experience seamless entry level gaming with the Onyx gaming PC. Loaded with an AMD Ryzen 3400G, integrated AMD rx Vega 11 graphics, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD and 3 Year C&R Warranty.

The Stormforce “Onyx RX Vega 11 Ryzen 3400G” is powered by the mighty AMD Ryzen 3400G processor — part of the ground-breaking new Ryzen 3000 Series. Allied with a capable A320 chipset and 8GB of speedy 2666GHz memory, the Onyx RX Vega 11 Ryzen 3400G offers strong performance and exceptional value for money, perfect for entry level gamers.

The Onyx RX Vega 11 Ryzen 3400G gives you the power to conquer 3D worlds and storm through homework using on-board Radeon RX Vega graphics, the fastest desktop processor graphics ever.

Equipped with generous storage capabilities thanks to a 1TB HDD, the Onyx RX Vega 11 Ryzen 3400G can handle important data backups, game saves and media content downloads with ease.

The Onyx RX Vega 11 Ryzen 3400G is contained in Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 chassis offering ample space and optimal airflow that enables cool and quiet performance. With dynamic and extrovert styling, you will have a truly unique system, be it at a LAN or at home.

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Our Guarantee to You

All Stormforce PCs are covered by our unrivalled 3 Year Collect and Return Warranty. In other words, if your system encounters a fault within this period, we will collect, restore, and return your PC back to you in full working order leaving you to what you do best – conquering virtual worlds. Stormforce is manufactured and supported in the UK and has built its reputation on delivering excellent quality, service and support.

AMD Elite System Builder

At Stormforce we heavily use AMD technology in our PCs due to the incredible performance that it offers. Due to our continued commitment to AMD products we have been recognised as an official AMD Elite System Builder.

AMD RYZEN™ 3000 Technology

At the heart of this Stormforce gaming PC is an AMD Ryzen™ 5 3400G quad core processor (3.7 GHz) expressing the power and efficiency of Zen x86 core architecture. Enjoy gaming, using office apps, photo editing, web surfing and watching top streamers with incredible multi-thread processing and potent Radeon graphics.

Memory and Storage

Experience rapid multitasking with 2x4GB Crucial DDR4 2666Mhz RAM. A 1TB SATA HDD has been included to give you masses of storage for your Steam library, pictures and music needs.

The Best Windows Ever for Gaming

From the best casual games to a new generation of PC gaming, Windows 10® gives you more ways to play. Not only do your existing games work great, but now you can play and connect with gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. Stream your Xbox One games to any Windows 10 PC. And record and share your epic gaming moments with built-in Game DVR.

Rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot®

Trustpilot is an online review community where genuine reviews by consumers are published without censoring. Stormforce have an exceptional TrustPilot rating of 9.8 underlining our superb build quality, excellent customer service and overall commitment to giving you, a gaming rig you can be proud of. Recently bought a Stormforce PC and would like to leave a review.

BullGuard Internet Security

All our Stormforce products come with a FREE BullGuard Internet Security 90 day subscription, protecting you and your family with multi-layered protection. Enhanced patent-pending Game Booster technology offers users higher frame rates per second, faster than PCs with no protection. What’s more, one license can be used across multiple devices safeguarding all your computers.

Tech Spec:

Warranty Information


Cooling Solution

System Memory


Graphics Card



Power Supply


Motherboard Interfaces

Expansion Slots



Operating System & Software



Input Devices

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For any pre-sales enquiries, information on stock availability, bespoke builds or lead times please contact us at:







If for any reason you are experiencing a problem with your system, please contact us on 01925 287 008 to speak to one of our expert advisers.

Our repair process works like this: we will log the fault with our support team, who will run through diagnostics - hopefully, this does the trick and you’re back up and running!

*Your warranty only covers hardware issues, not software

**If you are outside of your warranty period, we will provide a quote via email for repair. If you wish to process, payment can be made via a quick call. If you choose not to process - no problem, we’ll return your PC free of charge.


*Unit must be returned within 28 days of purchase.

If you would like to return your unit and have purchased directly through Stormforce please contact us and we will collect the unit and give you a refund within 14 days.

If you purchased your system through one of our resellers you will need to contact them directly.

18 reviews for Onyx RX Vega 11 (Ryzen 5 3400G)

  1. Zippu

    really good for its price can run the games i enjoy and love with ease

  2. John difalo

    i bought this product out of curiosity. Its really good at running my sons favourite game, Apex Legends

  3. Sean Oreilly

    Good solid pc but if you ever want to upgrade graphics bare in mind it only has 350w of power so limited to graphics card you can get

  4. Jayden Roberts

    Ok so I haven’t bought this pc yet but I’m buying it in a few months and I noticed that a different company are charging more for pretty much the same components I can’t write it there so I’m writing it here it’s just so bizarre how there selling the same product with a higher price the only difference between them is the watt this has 350 the other has 450 but when you go on amazon it’s literally 40£ like how Is this allowed I’m just warning people.

  5. Alex Fisher

    I Purchased the same PC last year and it came with a cheap computer case that could fit up to 2 120mm fans (RED LED) in the front. My friend, who paid almost £100 less has a tempered glass side panel that can fit up to 4 120mm fans (RGB) in the front with the same specs. I like Storm Force but they need to get themselves together a little. My friend got better than me and he paid almost £100 less. Overall MY experience is very good with Stromforce and would recommend 100% (if they got things right).

    • Daniel Fairclough


      First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time out to leave a review on our product.
      we would like to take all reviews on board and aim to improve the overall customer experience where we can.

      in regards to the change in chassis, we understand your frustrations. However, some components including chassis do become no longer accessible and we have to change them out and especially during the current global climate, this is not always foreseeable.

      Thank you again for your words and recommendations.

  6. Alex Sanchez

    I am fairly disappointed in this PC, I bought it from argos and on the description of this PC, it said it’s a good PC to get into entry level gaming. However, whenever i try playing Fortnite (which is listed as an entry level game), my frames stay at around 40 and i have most of my graphic settings on the lowest that they can possibly be. I am not happy with this as a £200 Xbox One S is capable of running fortnite at a steady 60FPS whilst having decent graphics. I have tried everything to increase the frame rates but nothing has helped. Overall i am really disappointed and feel like i have wasted my money as the PC is not how it is described.

    • Daniel Fairclough

      Hi, thanks for getting in touch! I believe our tech support team have also received contact from you and hopefully they can help make your experience a little better!

  7. kat (verified owner)

    What can I say? I’m completely new to this gaming world and was hesitant spending so much money on something I know very little about. I went with stormforce for 3 reasons – 1. Computers are their specialty rather than them just retailing on behalf of someone else. 2 they offer a 3 month warranty and 3. Their reviews were fantastic. I made the right choice, the computer is amazing and my kids are delighted. I only bought the basic model so in future if I wanted to upgrade, I’ll be going back to stormforce.

  8. Joshua

    At first it wouldn’t turn on and had to use a different power cable, but after that in settings I made it so Fortnite (one of the games I play) onto high performance and FPS went high through the roof 20fps too about 150

    Good pc but a lot of fiddling to fix 😀⚡️

  9. Stephanie Piercy

    My son loves this PC. He plays all his games like Fortnite and roblox on it. Excellent Christmas gift .

  10. Armand Baker

    Good gaming pc if ur not to serious about gaming, can run certain games really well would recommend to many people I will be choosing storm force in the future

  11. Samzy

    If only this was priced at £500 on the dot, and had better specs, this would be a 5 star from me but the main thing is for the people who are planning to buy this product, the Stock Cooler is Chinese (Made in China) and isn’t good at all, and the Motherboard can be better.

  12. Anonymous

    I haven’t bought this pc yet but i want to buy it from argos but from one review i read here they said they wouldn’t recommend buying from there but i dont know if i should buy it straight from here or argos because on the argos page they say the pc (which is the same as this one) is cheaper and better it has 3.7 ghz which i dont know if it is true so can anyone tell me to buy from here or on argos.

  13. Aaronjon@hotmail.co.uk

    I don’t ever write reviews but felt this deserved one based on my experience, Amazing PC, for basic gaming and schoolwork for the kids but pretty much plays all the big named games, if your a hardcore gamer then best to upgrade slightly but I think this works for my needs, I bought this through Argos but had an issue with the wireless card, contacted customer support who were outstanding, amazing and brilliant sorted the issue out super fast, no issues no hassle very rare to see how well they handled my enquiry so I’m writing this review just for that reason, wireless card upgraded and replaced within a week I will definitely use storm force again (and recommend them) for all my future needs. thankyou very much.

  14. Archie McWhirter

    I’ve seen many comment on here and Argos saying the performance is good but can’t keep a steady 60fps on fortnite on all low with performance mode anyone have any ideas on what I could do

  15. 3rgyrhbr

    Decent, but for some reason only have 6 gb of usable ram, Is this an issue with the ram? is there any way to fix this because the 2 gb difference is quite a lot. And i also wonder wether i can i a better graphics card

    • Daniel Fairclough

      Hi, thank you for your comment. The reason this happens is because the remaining 2GB will be dedicated to graphics as this PC doesn’t have a graphics card included.

  16. 12345678790-0-000

    will i be able to put my Nvidia Geforce 1650 in this model

    • Daniel Fairclough

      Thank you for your enquiry! Yes that would fit perfectly fine in this model.

  17. Dane Bryan

    Is this just 1st of 8gb or 2 4gb sticks

    • Daniel Fairclough

      Thank you for your enquiry, I can confirm this is 1 x 8GB RAM

  18. Sebastian

    This is an overall good product to buy ( I recommend) but just one question, I would like to install a graphics card but I’m not sure if this comes with a 6+2 pin connector to use for a graphics card.I have already opened the pc up but cannot seem to find this. If anyone can reply to this and help me with this problem it would really help

    • Daniel Fairclough

      The Power supply in this system is capable of running a lower wattage graphics card. The supply has a 6 pin pcie power connector on it that will be stowed away in the system if not in use. we suggest using a GTX 1650 as the maximum graphics card spec in this system as the power supply may be over its limitations if a more power hungry card is used.

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