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TUF Gaming M3 Ergonomic Wired RGB Gaming Mouse

with 7000-dpi sensor, lightweight build, durable coating, heavy-duty switches, seven programmable buttons and Aura Sync
  • Ergonomic and lightweight for comfortable high-speed maneuvering using claw or palm grip.
  • Gaming-grade 7000-dpi optical sensor for pixel-precise tracking, plus two DPI buttons for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments.
  • Validated for tough duty with a specialized coating for added durability, 20-million-click switches and Teflon® feet built for up to 250km of use.
  • Customizable ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting with cross-device synchronization for infinite illumination possibilities.
  • Seven tactile, programmable buttons and onboard memory for custom button configurations to let you play your way, wherever you go.
  • Armoury II utility with extensive controls and an intuitive UI for easy settings to make the mouse your own.
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The TUF Gaming M3’s ergonomic and lightweight build delivers the performance, comfort and reliability that gamers desire during extended gameplay. The high-precision 200-7000 DPI sensor provides an extra edge in FPS battle, allowing you to aim with accuracy and navigate menus rapidly. Enjoy lag free response times with 1000Hz polling rate, providing an even smoother gaming experience.

The M3’s durability is enhanced by a specialized coating protecting it from abrasion, friction and perspiration, priming it for heavy duty gaming where keeping your K/D high matters.


Seven tactile and programmable buttons provide optimal configuration for your controls. Keep those key actions one click away by mapping it to the button of your choice. Two DPI switches modify your sensitivity options on the go while two side buttons and a clickable scroll wheel provide further customization. 

This mouse will be the perfect tool to gain the competitive edge in Call of Duty titles such as Vanguard, Warzone or Black Ops as well as other top tier FPS shooters like Battlefield, Splitgate, Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege and much more…



Download Armoury II, ASUS’ driver based software that provides a vast range of controls and easy to use interface so that you can get the most out of your device and play how you want to play.

Customize colours and lighting, map controls, adjust settings and assign to a profile of your choice. 


ASUS TUF Gaming M3 Mouse

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