the World’s AI.
And Yours.

the World’s AI.
And Yours.

When it comes to AI PCs, the best have NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ GPUs inside. That’s because the same technology powering world-leading AI innovation is built into every RTX GPU, giving you the power to do the extraordinary. From class to work to entertainment, with RTX-powered AI, you’re getting the most advanced AI experiences available on Windows PCs.

Buy GeForce RTX Desktops

Advanced AI PCs

Get the fastest performance in over 500 AI-accelerated apps and games.

AI-Enhanced Video

The sharpest streaming, fastest editing, and improved video conferencing.

Best in Class

Conquer your coursework with AI-accelerated STEM apps for students.

On-Device Secure

Your data stays secure on your device—no internet required.

Multiply Your Performance



Faster AI Model Training



Higher FPS in Modern Games



Faster Image Generation

As compared to a laptop without a GeForce RTX Laptop GPU. Hardware: GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU with up to 140W maximum graphics power. | Faster AI Model Training: Training MLPerf-compliant TensorFlow/ResNet50 on WSL (images/sec) vs. Intel Core i7 13th gen CPU with integrated graphics. | Higher FPS in Modern Games: Baldur’s Gate 3 with Ultra Quality Preset, DLSS Super Resolution Quality Mode at 1080p (average frames per second) vs. Intel Core i7 13th gen CPU with integrated graphics. | Faster Image Generation: Time taken to generate a batch of 20 images Stable Diffusion XL with Automatic1111 vs. Apple MacBook Pro with M3 Pro.

AI For You

Do It All in the Blink of an AI

AI is the answer to all the times you wish you had an assistant. Unlock a new era of productivity with NVIDIA-powered AI doing the heavy lifting for you.

AI for Productivity and Entertainment

Your ideas, accelerated
Get an AI Assist

From your favorite apps to your favorite shows, RTX-powered AI takes your everyday activities and makes them smarter, faster, sharper, and more enjoyable. With AI on your side, there’s nothing holding you back.
Your Personalized Chatbot

Get tailored responses from local files with ChatRTX. Search personal notes, files, and photos with text or voice with your custom, private chatbot.

Transform Your Room Into a Home Studio

Level up your video conferencing calls, voice chats, and live streams with NVIDIA Broadcast AI-powered noise removal, background replacement, and more.

Upgrade Your Viewing Experience

RTX Video levels up internet video into crystal clear 4K HDR video with AI super resolution and video HDR in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers and VLC.

AI for Creating

Your ideas, accelerated
Imagination Made Real

Supercharge your content creation with over 100 AI-enabled and RTX-accelerated creative apps—including the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Blender, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, OBS Studio, and the exclusive NVIDIA Studio suite of AI tools.

Image Generation

Generate images and videos in Stable Diffusion faster on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, accelerated by NVIDIA TensorRT™.

Paint With AI

Use AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images with the NVIDIA Canvas app.

VIdeo Editing

Supercharge your video editing process with AI effects and tools in DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more.

AI-Powered 3D Design

Enjoy real-time viewport rendering, upscaling, accelerated rendering, and more in leading 3D creative apps.

AI for Gaming

Gaming Powered by AI

Level up your gaming experience with RTX and AI-powered technology enhancing everything from frame rates to fidelity. Plus, enjoy portable, powerful laptops with AI-powered Max-Q technologies to optimize your laptop’s performance.

Multiply Performance with AI

Maximize performance and quality in your favorite games. NVIDIA DLSS uses AI to create additional frames and improve image quality.

Remaster The Classics with RTX

With NVIDIA RTX Remix you can easily capture game assets, enhance materials with gen AI, and create stunning RTX remasters with full ray tracing and DLSS.

Powerful, Portable, and Quiet

Supercharge your laptop with the advanced Max-Q suite of AI-powered technologies that optimize your performance, power, and acoustics for peak efficiency.


Elevate your gaming with a Stormforce Gaming PC that is armed with one of the latest NVIDIA RTX 40 Series graphics cards. 

Each custom build gaming PC is built and rigorously tested in-house by our passionate and highly experienced system builders. Our base configurations use only the most reliable components and configurations from our extensive testing to ensure reliability and maximum compatibility. Each selection offers you a choice from the best hardware components on the market.

AI for Development

Easy, Secure, and On-Device

From running your own chatbot on your PC to training custom models and integrating AI into games, developing and running AI apps is easier and faster with NVIDIA tools and RTX GPUs. Plus, your data stays on your PC—no uploads required.

Bring Digital Humans to Life

Level up your game development skills with NVIDIA ACE. Bring AI game characters and digital humans to life with generative AI.

Your AI Toolkit

Customize, optimize, and deploy AI models for Windows applications with the RTX AI Toolkit—a end-to-end suite of tools and SDKs.

Build With AI

Discover hundreds of pretrained models for computer vision, speech, and more with the NGC Catalog. Use them as-is or customize securely with your own data.


Create without limits with the Stormforce Creator range. Engineered to meet your professional needs, each workstation is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology at its core, ensuring elite performance for every creative pursuit. Whether you’re immersed in CAD design, rendering videos, or editing photos, Creator workstation PCs guarantees a seamless experience that accelerates your professional applications performance and empowers your artistic vision.

3D Modelling, CAD & Design

Stormforce 3D Modelling, CAD & Design workstations offer a robust foundation for architects, engineers, and design professionals. Each Creator system can be customised to enhance the efficiency of specialised applications such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Blender, and more, ensuring a seamless workflow for 3D modelling and design tasks.

Photography & Visuals

Stormforce photography and visual workstations provide a reliable platform for photographers and other visual creative professionals. All photography workstations are built with components that can maximise the performance of creative applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

Video, Postproduction & Animation

The hardware of your computer makes a big difference in the performance of your video editing. Each of our video workstations hardware has been specifically chosen to ensure that you have the necessary speed, graphics and storage to run intensive video software like Adobe Premier Pro, Media Composer, Vegas Pro and other editing software.

AI-Enhanced Apps

All Your Favorite Apps, Now Smarter

More and more apps are featuring AI every day—and with an RTX AI PC, you’ll be able to power them in the best possible way.

AI That TOPS the Chart

Measured in trillions of operations per second, or TOPS, the AI processing power of NVIDIA GeForce RTX Laptop GPUs is in a class all its own.

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Performance is measured using various systems and will vary by model. Check with the manufacturer for their particular model and specifications.

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