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Unleash the Potential of Intel® Core™ 10th Generation Processors

By DanielN
March 19, 2021

Intel® Core™ 10th Generation Processors

Intel® Core™ 10th Generation processor technology is designed to offer ‘elite’ performance for gamers, streamers and content creators. Experience immersive 4K entertainment and play demanding games with ease as you unleash the full capabilities of Intel’s® latest generation of processors.

In 2020, Intel® introduced their 10th generation of processors to the market with their flagship Intel® Core™ i9-10900K processor that can reach up to an impressive 5.3GHz with the innovation of their Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost Technology. The continued focus Intel® has placed on increasing clock speeds with their 10th Gen processors provides more value for gamers and strengthens their competitive edge when compared to other gaming CPUs.

The Key Features of Intel® Core™ 10th Generation Processors

Intel® Core™ 10th Generation processors have several features that can benefit your overall gaming experience with improved productivity, seamless connectivity, and advanced tuning features. The Intel® Core™ 10th Generation Processor family has seen a significant increase in performance-enhancing benefits and additional features when compared to the previous 9th generation of Intel® processors. For example, this new generation of processors has seen Intel’s® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) being integrated throughout the entire 10th Gen range from the entry-level i3 to the flagship i9 lines of processors. Intel’s® Hyper Threading Technology allocates processor resources more efficiently, thus enabling multiple threads to run on each core that can create a significant increase in overall performance when gaming at every price point in the Intel® 10th Gen processor family.

Key Features:

Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost Technology – The flagship Intel® Core™ 10th Generation i9-10900K processor can get up to a blazing 5.3GHz for faster performance on both single and multithreaded applications.

Support for Up to DDR4-2933 Memory – Performance DDR4 Memory improves system responsiveness on 10th generation systems giving you ample bandwidth for multi-tasking, content creation and gaming.

Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) – Enjoy the many benefits of Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology that is available across the entire 10th Gen processor family and allows more than one thread to run on each core for enhanced CPU efficiency.

Thunderbolt™ 3 Technology Support – Get more storage to save expansive game libraries and backup your important documents with Intel’s® external Thunderbolt 3 technology SSD.

Intel® WI-FI 6 AX201 – Experience x3 faster downloads with a more reliable wireless connection that can reduce loading time, glitching and buffering whilst gaming.

This new generation of Intel® Core™ processors has seen a heavy focus on seamless connectivity across the entire 10th Gen range due to the continued rise of online and digital gaming. Features like Intel® WI-FI 6 AX201 and Intel® Ethernet Connection 1225 will provide gamers with faster in game connections and significantly reduce buffering when playing online. Plus, Intel’s® improved WI-FI 6 AX201 can provide three times faster download speeds that is important to any gamer who understands the agonising pain of waiting for a large open world game like Red Dead Redemption 2 to download.

Intel® Core™ 10th Generation processors also feature advanced tuning support for gamers who want to overclock their gaming PC. This new generation of Intel® CPUs has advanced overclocking controls that are specifically designed for gamers, content creators and overclocking enthusiasts. Overclocking can push your system to its limits to achieve a higher level of performance when running demanding games or intensive applications. Intel® Core™ 10th Generation processors with a ‘K’ in their processor number signify that a processor is overclocked or unlocked, which is the best option for those who are looking to take advantage of Intel’s® advanced tuning support.

Which Intel® Core™ 10th Generation Processor is Best for You?

Intel® Core™ 10th Generation processors provides a strong platform for gamers who want to do more with their gaming system. The latest generation of Intel’s® CPUs has integrated Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology across the entire 10th Gen family that can take advantage of multicore programs and applications at every price point. This provides gamers with a scale of options that can fit any user’s needs.



Intel® Core™ i3 Processors (Entry-Level Gaming)

The Intel® Core™ i3 processors are designed to meet the needs of any first time PC gamers with clock speeds of up to 4.6GHz. Here at Stormforce we often pair this line of Intel® CPUs with the NVIDIA GTX 1660S or the GTX 1650 to create an affordable entry level gaming system that can play the most popular esports titles. i3 models have the lowest core count of the 10th Gen family that make them the most affordable platform, which is perfectly suited for gamers who have light productivity requirements and want a good gaming experience at HD resolutions. Titles like Counterstrike Global Offensive, Valorant and Valheim will all run really well on an Intel® Core™ i3 platform.


Intel® Core™ i5 Processors (Mid-Level Gaming)

The Intel® Core™ i5 processors are the perfect option for any casual gamers with this processor reaching a clock speed of up to 4.8GHz that can supply all the processing power needed to play most popular modern games. i5 CPUs deliver higher core counts and a higher core frequency which more demanding games usually require. An Intel® Core™ i5 processor is a fantastic starting point for gamers who like to multitask or want access to more computing power whilst they are gaming. Intel® Core™ 10th Gen i5 processors are best paired with an entry to mid-level video cards and can usually handle higher frame rates and higher resolutions on less demanding titles, whilst providing a smoother, more detailed experience on games that can be taxing on your systems resources.


Intel® Core™ i7 Processors (High-Level Gaming)

PC gaming enthusiasts will be best suited with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor that is able to utilise Intel’s® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) more effectively with this CPUs impressive 8 cores and 16 threads. This processor will be able run almost any demanding modern title when paired with the correct graphics card. Intel® Core™ i7 processors have always been power user territory and the 10th generation of Intel® i7 CPUs provide a strong multicore offering allowing you to stream gameplay, create vibrant digital content and reduce processing time on demanding applications for a seamless and responsive computing experience.


Intel® Core™ i9 Processors (Extreme Gaming & Content Creation)

The Intel® Core™ i9 processors are able to showcase the innovations that Intel® have made with their 10th generation processor technology. Intel’s® Thermal Velocity Boost Technology is able boost clock speeds up to 5.3GHz that has significant advantages for gaming and competitive esports. The premier processing power available in the Intel® Core™ i9 processors is best suited for streamers who want to both play new titles, whilst broadcasting live to their community. Intel® 10th generation i9 processors offer the highest instruction per clock performance of any Intel® CPUs making them the most attractive proposition for gamers who want to get things done quickly and maximise the performance of their flagship graphics cards without the risk of CPU bottlenecks.

The elite performance of Intel® Core™ i9 processors can be leveraged further with innovations of Intel’s® Thermal Velocity Boost Technology. In turn, this innovative feature allows the CPU to boost frequency on every core to achieve consistently high, balanced frequencies when carrying out processor-intensive workloads.


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