3D Modelling, CAD & Design

Gaming, modelling, and rendering PCs are NOT the same and if you get a modelling PC to use for your 3D rendering work, you will just end up with an underperforming device.

Our pre built options below give you a few different options based around whether based on the software you will be using you’d prefer CPU rendering or GPU rendering.

If there’s something you’d like to add to these or an altogether different spec in mind ‘Get In Touch’ and we an help you build your perfect PC.

3D Modelling, CAD & Design PCs

Optimised for this type of software

Powered By Quadro

Experience your creations with smooth, interactive previews and advanced features across multiple displays.

Application Ready

Designed to handle a wide range of workflows on the most demanding professional applications.


Render Times

Accelerate graphics workflows and produce visually stunning, accurate renders faster than ever before.

Project Storage

Our Specialist workstations provide ample storage space using fast Solid State drive technology for responsive application performance and reliable hard drives for mass data storage and scratch drive usage.