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Introducing: Stormforce Gaming Watercooling Systems

Stormforce Gaming now offer fully customised Watercooling Systems in partnership with Corsair

Stormforce Gaming is now offering an easy introduction into the world of performance PC cooling. Our Watercooled system range is designed with performance, silence and aesthetics in mind.

Every Stormforce Gaming Watercooling system is assembled by expert technical staff. The systems contain the best watercooling hardware from Corsair as well as the most comprehensive hardware installations and cable management that we have ever produced in commercially available systems.

Modern day watercooling components make cooling your system more accessible than ever. These days a watercooled system is fairly simple to put together and identifying compatibility between components is a lot less of a headache than it was years ago. With that in mind, why should you choose to buy a custom cooled system from Stormforce vs building one yourself?

Watercooling is a real benefit to performance enthusiasts. Modern PC hardware has intelligent boost behaviour where CPUs and GPUs will both enhance their frequency as much as they can when under load.
This is sometimes limited on traditional heatsink and AIO cooling solutions as the chips can hit their maximum temperature thresholds and throttle down their speed to maintain a safe operating temperature.
With watercooling, this sort of situation happens a lot less. A typical watercooling system will usually provide ample headroom for modern hardware to boost for much longer whilst remaining cool and quiet.

A full watercooling system will consist of a lot of fans and elements that need controlling. With this comes a lot of cables to control fan speeds, lighting and temperatures. Each system we produce with custom water loops has extensive cable management to ensure that all of these extra cables are channelled in the most elegant way possible.

In the last few hardware generations, there was a diminishing benefit to offering watercooling systems for performance. The chips rarely got hot enough to hit temperature thresholds in any situation outside of the most extremely demanding applications. Watercooling became more popular for looks than the practical benefits.

With the latest generation of Intel and AMD high performance CPU models as well as the flagship NVIDIA GeForce RTX and AMD Radeon graphics, there is a revived demand for more exotic cooling solutions once again. Each of the latest CPU and GPU releases can run hot and having a custom system will enhance performance as well as assure silent and efficient system operation.


Watercooling Basics

The pumps we use are all Corsair Hydro X Series which are able to maintain excellent flow rates around even the most complex cooling loops. These are very reliable units with a low failure rate and high performance. In all of our testing, this is one of the quietest performance pump solutions available.

The pump will move fluid around the loop to the blocks. We supply systems that cool the CPU or CPU and GPU but the principle remains the same. Once the fluid moves into a metal block mounted to a hot component, the heat from that component is transferred into the fluid and is pushed away from the block by the pump.

Afterwards the liquid reaches a radiator to help dissipate the heat from the coolant. More complicated cooling systems can feature multiple radiators.
We use the Corsair XR5 radiators. These copper and brass, premium radiators are high performance units that are able to handle the heat output of the most extreme gaming hardware. Attached to these radiators, we use Corsair SP Elite fans which are optimised for excellent airflow and provide high static pressure which is essential for a fan being used on a radiator. These fans offer vivid lighting and quiet performance but ensure that airflow passes through the radiators efficiently.

After the liquid passes through the radiator and has cooled down, it will reach the pump again to continue the loop around your system.
To round out our full offering of Corsair Hydro X products in our waterloops, every loop we create uses Hydro X Fittings and Tubing. Depending on the complexity of your loop and your personal preference, we can design a system using soft tubing which offers a lower cost point of entry into custom watercooling.

For gamers who want the ultimate in customised system design, Stormforce Gaming offers watercooled systems with the option of Hardline tubing to provide the ultimate showcase of watercooling hardware. Hardline tubing is bent to shape using specialist tools to assemble a watercooling loops with a unique aesthetic that provides a neat and tidy approach but with a real sense of customisation.

Corsair Hydro X

As a Corsair iCUE certified partner, Stormforce Gaming proudly offer all of our custom watercooling systems built with the full range of Hydro X watercooling hardware from Corsair. We have tested every brand of watercooling hardware and feel that the level of integration and reliability that Corsair products offer matches the ethos of what we think a flagship gaming system should be. Every test we have performed in house has pointed at the Corsair Hydro X range to be the best option for ultimate system control and cooling performance.

Every Hydro X product from Corsair has a uniform aesthetic and where possible is compatible with the excellent iCUE software to control temperature, lighting and other system parameters. Every Stormforce Gaming system featuring iCUE allows you to extensively customise your system lighting and cooling. Our exclusive use of Hydro X components allow us to take cooling performance to the maximum or even stop fans completely making them kick in when the water temperature increases.

Each Stormforce Gaming watercooling system will feature carefully selected hardware from the Corsair iCUE range to ensure optimum performance, a clean and tidy installation and most importantly, an eye catching aesthetic. If you choose a CPU cooling only soft tube loop with your custom configurator system, a pre built solution using hardline tubing or contact us to develop a fully customised bespoke build. The same incredible attention to detail will be applied.

Watercooling Warranty

All Stormforce Gaming systems from our most affordable entry level units all the way up to our top of the range iCUE Watercooling Systems include our comprehensive 3 year full coverage warranty package. Many system builders have a three year warranty but expect you to cover return shipping costs after a brief term. We take care of every aspect of caring for your system over the full term. Our Watercooling systems have easy maintenance in mind and where possible we are including drain ports to help customers keep their systems in peak condition.

We also offer lifetime technical advice on every watercooling system we assemble meaning that every customer has reassurances that their investment is protected.

Maintaining your Loop

The beauty of watercooling is that it is fairly hassle free after initial install. Our watercooling loops are designed with a focus on looks but we also put huge emphasis on making owning a watercooled system as easy as owning and maintaining an air cooled system.

Just like any computer, regular cleaning of fan ducts, radiators and surfaces with a compressed air blast is recommended. This will ensure airflow through your radiators remains optimal.

Your watercooling loop requires some very basic maintenance steps too. Our customer service team is able to guide you through this if you need a hand or have any questions.

After your system arrives, we will ship you a care package to help make maintaining your system as easy as possible.

every week – check your coolant level to ensure that you have enough in your reservoir. A check through your windowed side panel should allow you to see the coolant level in your reservoir. If the coolant level is lower than half way up the reservoir then it would be worthwhile topping up your system.

every three months – use an air duster to blow dust out of your radiators to ensure optimum airflow. Make sure you do this with the power to the system completely disconnected.

every 12-18 months – empty out your reservoir and drain as much fluid as you can from your system, flush the system out with plain distilled water [you will need roughly 5 litres] by filling it, running it and emptying it. repeat until the loop is clean. then refill with fresh fluid.


How To Order

Our complex systems showcasing hardline tubing and tier one hardware will be available to buy on a next day basis. Each of these systems will be a unique offering built in limited numbers. Keep an eye on our website for new listings. These systems will typically include CPU and GPU watercooling and will be available on our site as new watercooling hardware is released.

Some of our Prism configurators will have the option to switch out the high performance AIO liquid cooler for a more advanced custom loop. For these customised systems the CPU will be cooled with a custom watercooling loop designed for minimal maintenance and maximum performance. View our configurator range HERE

For bespoke watercooling requirements, we work closely with customers to provide an itemised quote. For customers with exact requirements, we will do our best to provide a quote for a customised system that meets all of your needs and can accommodate most requests that you might have. Contact our team HERE