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Powered by ASUS – More than just a label


Those stripes add at least 300bhp…honest!

There seems to be something of a trend for plastering labels all over products, without actually adding any value or serving any purpose. We can all proudly declare that our product is super-dooper, platinum plated and with a name that leaves you wondering whether you’re actually being sold a new gaming PC or a weapon of mass destruction, without actually telling you anything about the product itself or why it’s the best proposition for you. It’s a bit like painting go-faster stripes on a 1980s Lada with a top speed of 28mph, or an “Exclusive Gold Credit Card” that’s available to 99.9% of the population and offers less perks than the regular card – marketing for marketing’s sake!

At Stormforce Gaming we don’t feel the need to dupe our customers with pointless and confusing marketing spiel, instead focussing on what really matters – quality and value. We’re proud to partner exclusively with Tier-1 vendors such as ASUS for all of our components, and our PCs wear the Powered By ASUS label like a badge of honour. A label which really means something, and which our customers can rely on as a guarantee that they’ll be receiving the very best system, delivering optimum performance and backed up by unparalleled support.

So what does Powered By ASUS actually mean?

What is ‘Powered by ASUS’

Powered by ASUS is for those who only accept perfection. ASUS are devoted to their company moto – in search of incredible. Their pursuit of perfection is proven by their 3000+ awards they receive annually.

As an officially ASUS partner, Stormforce Gaming is also dedicated to the pursuit of perfection through creating high powered gaming PCs with the help of our partners. Powered by ASUS means exclusivity. It means performance. It means technology as a work of art. Why consider anything less?

Custom PCs with the Best Parts

Powered by ASUS is a global program across more than 40 countries and involves over 500 partners who provide the very best customized systems. Offering a wide array of world-class motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, routers, chassis, and peripherals to choose from, these customized systems are designed to cater to the varying needs of users. The result is a totally tailored rig with seamless fusion of synchronized features, aesthetic finesse, and fine-tuned performance.

No. 1 Gaming Brand, Worldwide

ASUS strives to create a gaming world without limits, uniting gamers of diverse backgrounds to fulfil their potential through gameplay. ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) systems and components reshape the gaming landscape, raising the standrd for gamers and developers alike. Meanwhile, the TUF Gaming series is an all new force for mainstream users who demand durability, stability, and great value in PC gaming.

ASUS Aura Sync

Aura Sync RGB lighting perfectly complements your gaming rig for a true expression of your individuality. Offering a nearly endless spectrum of colours and patterns, plus the ability to link lighting to music, in-game action, or CPU/GPU temperatures, Aura Sync RGB lighting gives you limitless options to show your unique style.

Armoury Crate

Armoury Crate is a one-stop app that lets you configure and control an array of ROG gaming products and also connect with the gaming community. It gives you total command over all ASUS and ROG gear and software, ensuring you’re ready for every battle.


World’s No.1 Motherboard Brand

For more than 10 years, ASUS motherboards have dominated to become the BEST — Best-selling, Easy to use, Stable and Trusted — with over 580 million sold and the most awards won. Whether you’re crafting a build for work or gaming, a diverse selection of models and innovative features make it easy to find the perfect board for your needs.

Award-winning Graphics Cards

Spanning 10 series and offering distinguished fan designs and top cooling capabilities, ASUS graphics cards raise the bar with innovations designed to improve performance. Industry-leading solutions like TUF Gaming GeForce RTX™ 3080 — ranked No. 1 on the 2020 Google Shopping Gift Guide — are perfect for pushing high frame rates in the latest games or creating content.


No.1 Gaming Monitor Brand

ASUS continuously sets new industry standards with innovative hardcore gaming gear to empower gamers and enthusiasts everywhere, from introducing the world’s first 144 Hz consumer gaming monitor in 2012 to releasing QHD NVIDIA® G-SYNC® monitors with 1440p resolution just two years later. In 2020, ASUS has again expanded boundaries by introducing new technology that pushes frame rates into 360 Hz territory, mini LED monitors with 4K @ 144 Hz visuals,

Fast Networking Solutions

  • ASUS provides networking solutions that are ideal for any scenario.
  • Farthest whole-home Wi-Fi with AiMesh
  • Easy control with ROG Gaming Center, ASUS Router App and ASUSWRT
  • Secure networking with AiProtection Pro
  • Trusted quality and award-winning reliability

ASUS has won PC Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for 10 consecutive years.

“It’s the first brand you should consider when upgrading your home networking setup.” – PC Magazine


Made for Elite Gamers

ROG is dedicated to creating innovative peripherals that enable pros to secure victory. To give gamers an edge over the competition, ROG offers keyboards with the latest RX switches and detachable numpads, gaming mice with hot-swap switch sockets, the world’s first gaming headset with AI Noise Cancelation and hi fi-grade quad ESS DAC, plus much more.


Power Up Your Imagination

Creativity allows you to breathe life into a concept — taking a spark of inspiration and using it to craft a masterpiece. ProArt is crafted to power the most impressive visions and is the force behind the most ambitious ideas, daring to venture into a world unexplored. The ProArt family of inspired products gives you the creative tools and performance you need to accelerate exacting workflows.


ProArt Creator Hub

ProArt Creator Hub provides a unified experience across all of your connected ProArt products, including motherboards and displays. Keep track of system parameters, quickly launch applications, or calibrate your monitor — all through the user-friendly Creator Hub dashboard.



CreationFirst is network optimization software that lets you prioritize content creation applications, allocating more bandwidth to speed up essential apps and tasks, enabling a more efficient workflow.