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Stormforce Gaming x Cougar Gaming – Case Range Update

Cougar Gaming are the latest addition to the Stormforce Gaming Prebuilt System range.

The most important part of any Gaming PC is the case. For many people, the case IS the computer.

The way your gaming system performs can depend heavily on the case so we put a lot of time into choosing the right ones for our systems.

When we select components for our range at Stormforce, we look at a huge amount of factors on each product to make sure it will perform long term for our customers.
Every gamer has different priorities on what they want from a gaming PC but we all share one thing in common, reliability. If your system runs too hot or is unpredictable when you are in a game, it can ruin hours of hard work.

When selecting a case for our gaming PC range, we try to find models that are well built, hard wearing and good looking. Nobody wants their high performance gaming system in a boring case, so factoring in aesthetic features like addressable RGB lighting, tempered glass side panels, good cable management and fan control options is super important to give gamers the complete package.

Stormforce Gaming partnered with Cougar Gaming at the start of 2022 with the goal to produce a range of gaming systems with a small desktop footprint, exceptional cooling performance and a stylish design. We selected three cases from the Cougar range that really impressed us. In addition to this, each Cougar Gaming case we offer comes with enhanced custom Stormforce packaging solutions to ensure that your system is cushioned and well protected in transit. In the unlikely event that you need to use our industry leading warranty service, the enhanced packaging will help protect the system on its way back for repair. (We collect your system for the full three years of your warranty at our cost, most other system builders don’t do that)

Cougar Gaming MX410 Mesh-G RGB 
This compact ATX gaming case has a full mesh front panel to help maximise airflow through the system. With three front mounted 120mm ARGB fans, this case provides quiet operation with unimpeded airflow that helps to keep your whole system cool. In addition, the MX410 Mesh-G RGB can accommodate a huge variety of gaming system configurations including high power graphics cards. This case comes complete with a good mix of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 front panel connectors to provide you with huge levels of high speed connectivity.


Cougar Gaming MG140 Air RGB 
We wanted to introduce a compact microATX gaming case to our range that would appeal to a diverse group of gamers. The MG140 Air RGB features a clean front panel with hidden mesh venting that allows for good airflow but with a mature, stylish aesthetic that would look right at home in a contemporary office or in an RGB bonanza gaming setup. The MG140 has a tiny footprint which maximises internal capacity to accommodate a good variety of performance hardware.



Cougar Gaming MX430 Air RGB
Rounding out our new trio of gaming cases, the MX430 Air RGB builds on the foundation of the compact MG140 and raises the bar. Featuring similar design language, the MX430 continues the sleek aesthetic that looks at home on any desk. With full lighting control and great support for components, the MX430 allows us to build our systems with optimised cabling to enhance the airflow capabilities of the case.


A host of customisable lighting options to fit into any setup

The Cougar Gaming cases in our range were selected to provide a flexible case option within the Stormforce Gaming product catalogue. Each of these cases have fully customisable RGB lighting which can be adjusted to your tastes. If you want a rainbow of colours, a static colour or a subtle white lighting to match your desktop layout then each of our Cougar Gaming offerings can match up with the look you are going for. If RGB lighting isn’t your thing then the lights can be turned down or off if you prefer a more stealth look.



Cougar Gaming cases showcase epic Cable Management

With a chambered design, the power supply and cables within your system are separated from the main area of your case. By splitting the chambers within your case, airflow gets to the right places and cables can be discreetly routed in a neat and effective way.

At Stormforce Gaming, our expert technical staff have years of experience in assembling performance gaming and workstation systems. Each system we build is approached with the same care and attention regardless of its price tag. When you get your new Stormforce Gaming system delivered, it may not be immediately apparent that the cabling within your PC has been executed with such care. Removing the rear panel showcases the expertise of our assembly staff as well as the benefits that our Cougar Gaming cases offer. Each case gives us an opportunity to mange cables away from the main airflow path. This helps to optimise airflow reaching key components in your system such as your CPU cooler, graphics card and motherboard.

MX430 Air RGB Cable Management

Cougar Gaming MG140 Air RGB Cable Management

Cougar Gaming MX410 Mesh-G RGB Stormforce Cable Management


View the full Cougar Gaming case range at Stormforce Gaming – Click Here