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Design A Custom Gaming PC – Powered By Intel 11th Gen

Designed To Game

Intel® Core™ 11th Generation processor technology is designed to offer ‘elite’ performance for gamers, streamers, and content creators. The Intel platform is a staple of the Stormforce range for its consistent focus on reliability and increased performance throughout the evolution of each processor generation. With an improved processor architecture, the 11th generation of Intel Core processors can deliver enhanced gaming performance from every angle with faster clock speeds, more cores, higher frame rates, and lower system latency. Intel Core 11th generation processors are built to cater to the needs of modern PC gamers through delivering rich immersive gameplay and high performance on the most demanding games.

Build a custom gaming PC that features an Intel Core 11th generation processor with the Stormforce Configurator and equip it with the very best hardware from our premium partners like NVIDIA, Seagate, and many other tier 1 brands.


The Stormforce Configurator

Each custom built gaming PC from Stormforce Gaming is built and rigorously tested in-house by our passionate and highly experienced system builders. Our base configurations use only the most reliable components and configurations from our extensive testing to ensure reliability and maximum compatibility. Each selection offers you a choice from the best hardware components on the market.

How it Works

It’s simple, we have 5 foundational system options for you to pick from based on the processor that is best for your gaming needs and the case aesthetics that you are looking for. Then all you need to do is select which components you would like to customise your gaming PC with. Design your dream PC today!

Selected & Tested By Experts

The foundational components of our custom built systems have been carefully selected and qualified by our inhouse experts to ensure outstanding value, high performance and compatibility across all possible configurations. Built and cable managed by our passionate and highly experienced PC builders, your custom built Stormforce Gaming PC will be a long-lasting gaming companion for many years to come.   

Custom Onyx Gaming PC (i5)

This Stormforce Onyx build is designed to offer an entry-level gaming PC that is perfect for any first time PC gamers or any gamers on a budget.

Design a custom gaming PC with the full capabilities of an Intel Core i5-11400F processor. This processor delivers 6 cores and 12 threads, that can boost up to an impressive 4.4GHz for increased performance. Pair this Stormforce Onyx PC with a powerful NVIDIA GTX or RTX graphics card to experience high frame rates on your favourite games. 

Custom Crystal Gaming PC (i5)

This Stormforce Crystal PC is tailored towards PC gaming enthusiasts who want a system with industry leading components that can deliver high performance on the games that they love to play. 

This custom Crystal Gaming PC build is equipped with an Intel Core i5-11600K processor. This powerful 11th Gen processor can offer outstanding performance across all possible configurations. Delivering a lag free gaming experience, this processor can handle intensive multitasking as you jump between gaming, streaming your gameplay, listening to music and more.

Custom Prism Gaming PC (i9)

Looking for the best of the best? This powerful Stormforce Prism build is designed for players looking for the very best high end gaming pc, that can take their gaming to the extreme.

With an Intel Core i9-11900K processor at the heart of this gaming PC, any custom Prism builds can deliver extreme gaming performance and offers limitless options for gamers, streamers, content creators and power users alike. Designed with creativity in mind, this Intel Core i9 11th generation processors can handle intensive workloads like creating rich media, editing videos or gameplay clips, and any other day to day productivity tasks you may need to complete.