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BullGuard Internet Security – Anti Virus and VPN

All Stormforce Gaming systems ship with a Free BullGuard Internet Security 90 day subscription…

Stormforce Gaming takes pride in our systems arriving to you with minimal preinstalled software. Your system arrives ready for you to configure to your tastes with a free trial of BullGuard Internet Security to protect you from day 1.

The BullGuard trial is easy to use and can be uninstalled easily if it isn’t for you.

We tested the BullGuard premium protection package on our test bench system to look at the features and try to identify any system performance impact from the software.

When you first boot up your new gaming system, every gamer is likely to head straight to Steam or XBOX Gamepass for PC to start downloading titles to test out their new hardware. Anti Virus software is usually overlooked by gamers but you will inevitably use your system for more than just gaming.

Online threats can take many forms but protecting your system is important. Your extensive game library, personal information and payment details all get stored on your PC so it is crucial to ensure that this private data is protected.

Many gamers we speak to feel that Windows Defender is a good enough threat protection service for their needs which is usually the case right up until the point where it isn’t.

A new virus or malware infection can force you to have to reinstall your operating system or in some cases, lose your private data and cause much bigger problems. Unless you have realtime threat protection enabled on your system, it is unlikely that a new threat signature would be picked up by Windows Defender.

A dedicated Anti Virus software will pick up threats and quarantine problem files before they have a chance to impact your system or your data and can save a lot of headaches down the line.

Stormforce Gaming has worked with BullGuard for many years and we feel it is one of the best options for home users looking for a comprehensive protection suite for their gaming systems with the added bonus of minimising the performance hit to gaming performance.

What does BullGuard do differently?

Anti Virus software can vary quite a lot and be a confusing offering to new users looking for the best option to protect their system. BullGuard offers a variety of plans to suit all households, from single user licenses to cover just your gaming system to multi device protection.

BullGuard Anti Virus includes AV, Vulnerability Scanner and Game Booster

BullGuard Internet Security provides Firewall, Parental Controls and secure backup as well as real-time protection antivirus.

BullGuard Premium Protection includes the whole product offering from BullGuard with additional security features designed to safeguard your privacy and offer the highest threat protection.

BullGuard opens up with your system and runs minimised with notifications that only interrupt you if there is a problem. You can mange the behaviour of the software from the main page and modify the settings to suit your needs.

The Game Booster feature within BullGuard is compatible with all major games and automatically adds games into the service every time you play a new title. This means that the Anti Virus software will let the game run with completely minimised interference whilst also supporting game streaming and capture applications as well as broadcasting for streamers.

We tested BullGuard Game Booster across a variety of titles from resource hungry simulation titles to CPU intensive, high framerate Esports titles where response times matter the most. In every test we ran with Game Booster enabled, we noticed minimal drops in performance and in some cases the same or better performance with Game Booster running.

How Resource Hungry is BullGuard?

Many gamers prefer lightweight programs which don’t interfere with gaming performance. With around 200MB of system memory in use when BullGuard is running, there is very little to worry about. In our testing we noticed that when performing scans the footprint increases slightly, it is recommended avoiding running a scan at the same time as a game but it is possible without causing any disruption to performance.

All Stormforce Gaming systems ship with a minimum of 8GB of system memory with the majority of systems utilising a 16GB memory kit as the sweet spot for modern games. A powerful modern Gaming system can easily run BullGuard in the background with little to no impact on available system resources.


BullGuard VPN

Stormforce Gaming systems ship with an anti virus trial to offer day one threat protection for new customers but you can take your online privacy to the next level with the optional addition of the BullGuard VPN service.

This service is separate to the Anti Virus subscriptions that ship with Stormforce Gaming systems but is worth consideration for gamers looking for internet security and VPN capabilities in one easy to use dashboard.

VPN software works by routing your connection through a private network that ensures your online browsing isn’t logged and prevents your IP address and other data from being broadcasted over an unsecured connection.

We wouldn’t recommend using a VPN when gaming online as connection speeds and ping rates to online servers can be impacted when connected via a VPN. However there are many benefits of using a VPN when you are online such as accessing out of region content, securing your connection and private browsing on your Gaming PC and mobile devices.

BullGuard VPN is easy to use and is based on the excellent and well known NordVPN network. This means you can access a variety of VPN servers worldwide to suit your needs and have a reassuring reputation to help make the best decision for you.

The easy to use client can have you installed and up and running in less than a few minutes allowing one click connections to multiple worldwide server locations. Both BullGuard VPN and Anti Virus software services provide full 24/7 support via Live Chat or email.