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How to get the most from your Corsair iCUE Software Suite

Corsair iCUE is a comprehensive PC monitoring and control software. From system temperature control to advance lighting profiles, iCUE can be configured to take care of most performance PC requirements.

When Corsair first launched iCUE back in 2018, the PC gaming market was awash with a clutter of RGB lighting control formats. Many companies are still subjecting gamers to an incoherent mess of software and cabling standards which tend to confuse newcomers and gamers who don’t build their own systems.

When every hardware manufacturer decided that every gaming PC component and peripheral needed fancy lighting covering every crevice of their products, there was a period of time where many gamers had to seek guidance on what products cooperated with each other. Even today, many gamers will need a plethora of applications to unify the lighting on their gaming setup. This can be extremely frustrating as most of the time, the last thing you want to spend time on with any gaming PC is how your system lighting looks.

Even more frustrating is that having a lot of applications controlling different brands of hardware can mean you get some components which will run on default ‘demo mode’ lighting settings until Windows loads to desktop and your lighting profiles take over. In summary, it can be a messy affair and it just isn’t a good experience.

PC Gamers are still awaiting a unified ‘industry standard’ to RGB lighting and whilst the hardware connections seem to have become standard for the most part, a lot of vendors still have their own proprietary software for system lighting control.

Corsair are the premium hardware partner for Stormforce Gaming. We work with Corsair hardware as it allows us to create systems with a unified approach to system aesthetic, customer usability and overall performance. We use a combination of different iCUE hardware and each system is appropriately kitted out with the correct controllers as well as being wired in a way that will maximise the efficiency of system control.
On our more advanced systems, we use the powerful Corsair iCUE Commander controller module which brings a huge level of customisation but is only really needed on extreme configurations.

Each Corsair iCUE certified Stormforce Gaming system meets the criteria needed to ensure that every component included in the system can be controlled easily using minimal software. We use ASUS motherboards and graphics cards exclusively in our range to ensure maximum compatibility.

Each Stormforce PC that features RGB lighting is designed to be easy to configure but our iCUE certified range is a premium option that is assembled in a way to provide gamers with ultimate levels of control, customisation and configurability for their hardware.

Read more about iCUE benefits, features and capabilities on the Corsair iCUE site.


Essential iCUE Download Links

A new Stormforce Gaming system will ship with everything ready to run in default mode. 

Our systems ship with a Windows image that has minimal bloatware on the system, allowing you to choose what you want installed. Every iCUE system will run at default settings in a demonstration mode which shows off a rainbow of RGB lighting.

In order to get up and running with your system as quickly as possible, you will want to grab the latest software from Corsair and ASUS to make sure you have the most feature rich and capable software to help you control your system lighting and cooling.

Download the latest version of CORSAIR iCUE Here

Download the latest version of ASUS Armoury Crate Here


Corsair iCUE Video Tutorials

Corsair have a fantastic series of videos on how to get the most out of iCUE on YouTube. The video playlist for iCUE contains how to get started with the basics of using the software as well as more advanced setup instructions and advice on how to integrate more niche compatible hardware devices into the software to be controlled alongside the system. If you are new to using iCUE or just want to get the most out of your system, we highly recommend checking this playlist out.

Corsair iCUE Tutorial Video Playlist


Using iCUE to control your ASUS Motherboard and Video Card

How To Control ASUS Motherboard Lighting – Corsair Official Video Guide

How To Control ASUS Graphics Card Lighting – Corsair Official Video Guide

iCUE is compatible with Asus AuraSync which allows all ASUS electronics to be controlled from within iCUE software easily. This integration is easier to set up and configure than running a mix of hardware from various vendors.

To set up ASUS Motherboard integration in iCUE, make sure that you have both iCUE and ASUS Armoury Crate installed from the links above.

You only need ASUS Armoury Crate installed to set up integration with Corsair iCUE. Once installed, everything should be controlled via iCUE and you should avoid running both programs simultaneously.

Once you install ASUS Armoury Crate, you will need to enable in-game lighting effects to make it communicate with iCUE.

  1. Open Armoury Crate.
  2. Select the AURA Sync tab on the menu at the left side of the app.
  3. Click on the AURA effects tab
  4. enable In-game lighting effects on the bottom left corner of the app.

Once you have done this, you can close the program and open iCUE to control the ASUS AuraSync compatible products in your system. Select ASUS Motherboard in the devices section of iCUE to control the lighting effects of the product.


Setting your fan speeds and noise levels with iCUE

How to Set Up CORSAIR Liquid CPU Coolers – Corsair Official Video Guide

iCUE will give you the freedom to set up your fans and cooler to sync lighting and fan speeds. Start by selecting your cooler and fans on the home page of iCUE. On the left side of the screen there is a a section that will let you select the speed of your fans and pump speed for your water cooler.

This section will allow you to select pre-configured presets for your cooling hardware also if you want to go with settings that Corsair recommend.

You can also click on the Dashboard tab at the top of the iCUE application to find the System Info section. This will allow you to select the components you want to monitor.

Setting up RGB RAM with iCUE

How To Set Up CORSAIR RGB RAM – Corsair Official Video Guide

Corsair iCUE compatible RAM is some of the most visually impressive RGB memory modules available on the market today. Pairing ultra reliable hardware with stunning lighting technology, there is something really eyecatching about a waterfall of colour in the centre of any PC setup.

Your main Home screen will show your memory modules if you have RGB compatible memory. This page allows you to monitor the performance of all of your hardware sensors and implement lighting. Select your memory to get started by clicking on the DIMM Setup.

The DIMM Setup page will show you the slots that your RAM is sat in. and allow you to start experimenting with lighting profiles in the software.

Clicking on Lighting Effects will allow you to pick predefined settings that give you a great starting point. This area of the software allows you to pick presets that can be applied to different zones of the hardware you are using. The same principle applies to other iCUE compatible components in your system too so once you have your RAM set up like this you can get creative with lighting effects on other components too!

Selecting Hardware Lighting will allow you to go into much more depth and tinker with different lighting layers and types that give you much more granular control over the appearance of your lighting. Adding layers will allow you to have multiple options running and create some unique lighting effects too.


Creating Custom Profiles on iCUE

How To Set Up and Manage Profiles – Corsair Official Video Guide

Profiles in iCUE allow you to pick and choose the way your system looks or operates in different circumstances. You may want all your lighting off and fans turned down whilst you are concentrating on work or having everything lit up to the max when you sit down to play games. Either option is possible.

On the iCUE home page, you will see a Profile section on the far left hand side. Press the plus icon and a new profile should be created that you can rename to your liking. You will then be presented with a list of compatible devices that you can modify actions, lighting effects and performance.

When you have experimented with the profile settings and perfected your profiles, you can use the import/export button to back up configurations.

With more and more third party lighting products like Nanoleaf being added to the iCUE umbrella, the scope for unified lighting control around your whole system setup is growing.

Other useful iCUE Links

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