Best Custom Gaming PC Builds 2022

By DanielN
June 30, 2022

Stormforce Configurator

Design your ultimate Intel® Core™ 12th Gen powered gaming PC with the Stormforce Custom PC Builder. Build your dream Intel powered gaming PC with the latest GeForce graphics, cutting edge storage drives, additional RAM and more. Here at Stormforce, we have 5 foundational system options for you to pick from based on the processor that is best suited to your gaming needs and your preferred case aesthetics. Then all you need to do is select which components you would like to customise in your custom build.

Custom Gaming PC Builds – Powered by Intel

Custom Stormforce Gaming PCs that are powered by an Intel Core 12th Gen processor can deliver incredible performance for gamers, streamers and content creators alike. Here at Stormforce, we offer both the Intel Core i9-12900K and the Intel Core i5-12600K processors as options on our custom pc builder for their unrivelled gaming performance at every price point. Custom Gaming PCs that are equipped with Intel’s new line of 12th generation processors are on average 11% faster than Intel’s previous 11th Gen CPUs and feature a new and improved hybrid processor architecture. Intel® Core™ processors have been a staple of the Stormforce range for many years due to their incredible performance and constant innovation.

“Both the Intel Core i9-12900K and Core i5-12600K are among the best processors Intel has released in years, with incredible performance. Intel really has regained its crown, and even though you’ll have to invest in new hardware to even install one of these chips, it’s worth it for all the technology this new platform supports.”

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Mid-Range Custom Gaming PC

The Stormforce Crystal custom PC builder is designed to cater to gamers who are looking to experience the full capabilities of PC gaming. This base option is powered by the Intel Core i5-12600K processor with 10 cores of processing power, that can offer outstanding performance across all possible configurations. Delivering a lag-free gaming experience, this processor can handle intensive multitasking as you jump between playing Warzone, streaming your gameplay, listening to music and more.

High-End Custom Gaming PC

Looking for a custom gaming PC that can do it all? The Stormforce Prism custom PC builder is equipped with the Intel Core i9-12900K processor as the primary base option. This high powered CPU boasts an impressive 16 cores of processor power, that can truly optimise your builds hardware, Whether you want extreme gaming performance or a PC that can do it all, this Intel 12th Gen processor offers limitless options for gamers, streamers, content creators and power users alike.

“The Core i9 12900K is an enthusiast processor built for boasting. It offers the highest gaming frame rates in most titles and its clever new architecture and cutting-edge features provide multithreaded performance on tap” 

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Why Order a Custom PC from Stormforce?

Stormforce Gaming PCs are designed to maximise performance and deliver outstanding value with every build, no matter your budget. With over 10 years of experience in building high quality custom & prebuilt gaming systems, we have built thousands of PCs over the years as we aim to power the passion of our fellow PC gamers. 

Hand Built in the UK

Here at Stormforce Gaming, we build every system in-house at our UK based manufacturing facility. Every system is built by our professional and highly experienced building team to ensure excellent build quality, across the entire range. We pay close attention to the details of every system that we build, from cable management to airflow, to ensure that your system’s performance is maximised. 

Foundational Components

The foundational components of the Stormforce Custom PC Builder have been carefully selected and qualified by our inhouse experts to ensure outstanding value, high performance, and compatibility across all possible configurations. Built and cable managed by our passionate and highly experienced PC builders, your custom built Stormforce Gaming PC will be a long-lasting gaming companion for many years to come.   

3 Years Comprehensive Warranty

All custom built Stormforce Gaming PCs include 3 years warranty cover on system repairs and the replacement of parts. This warranty includes full coverage of collection, repair and return of your performance gaming system for 3 years for all UK customers. Labour costs are included, this warranty excludes EIRE, NI and the Channel Islands.